Improving Healthcare Data Management

Beyond Silos: Meeting the Data Management Challenge

A Deluge of Data

Managing the volume of data now a regular part of daily healthcare management operations is a growing challenge. In the next four years, EMC estimates the amount of stored medical image data will grow from 0.8 exabytes to nearly 4 exabytes. The amount of data managed will continue to grow as healthcare organizations add new equipment and incorporate data-intensive next-generation diagnostic tools into standard protocol.

Healthcare data is typically housed on siloed systems based on department usage or specific function such as radiology. This “siloing” creates complexity; each storage system must be managed separately, which makes data more difficult to search or share, and which reduces storage utilization efficiency.

EMC® Isilon® scale-out NAS storage simplifies healthcare data management with a single file system that manages data as a single pool of storage. A single file system reduces management complexity and increases storage utilization rates. EMC Isilon solutions work with all major PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) ISV applications used to store medical imaging data, and easily scale at the push of a button to meet growing storage needs.

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